Basis Yorkshire

Basis supports indoor and street sex workers who identify as women, and young people who are sexually exploited. Their purpose is to empower people to make safer and healthier choices by offering information, support and options. Their work is driven by a sound evidence base, as well as working closely with women and young people to ensure their services are designed and delivered with them, putting their voices and experience at the centre of their work. They challenge stigma and inequality of access to services for everyone they work with.

They are proud to be one of a small number of specialist organisations that explicitly recognise and advocate for women’s right to work more safely when selling sex, while also supporting young people who are sexually exploited to be safer and free from harm. They understand that for some women and young people, their ‘choices’ are severely constrained by a range of factors including physical and mental health, substance use, family circumstances and abusive relationships, as they support them in managing the risks and vulnerabilities they face. They recognise people’s dignity and agency in their decision-making.

BID Services

BID Services provide a comprehensive range of specialist support services for Leeds residents aged 16+ who are deaf, hard of hearing, sight impaired, severely sight impaired or deafblind. The services include, hearing aid maintenance, equipment support, assistive technology, befriending, employment support, information advice and guidance.


Leeds Gypsy & Traveller Exchange, known more commonly as Leeds GATE, is a vibrant and brave grassroots organisation led by Gypsy and Traveller people in partnership with others in and across West Yorkshire. Throughout the last 15 years of operation, Leeds GATE has a demonstrated an award-winning track record of community activism, social action and member led innovation.

Leeds Irish Health and Homes

Their mission is to improve the quality of life for everyone they work with, so they strive to see that people have the right support and opportunities to:

– Live independently

– Access suitable housing, including finding the right housing situation for them

– Continue their journey to recovery in mental health and thrive

– Look after their own wellbeing, including their physical and mental health

– Connect with others, take part in social activities and have strong networks of friendship, kinship and community

They also focus our work where we see particular needs or inequalities, so that:

– People of Irish origin can access services and activities that are culturally sensitive

– Older Irish people lead active and fulfilling lives and have the support they need
to remain healthy and happy

– Irish people with dementia and their carers have support and opportunities for culturally sensitive care, access to culture and connections to the community

Every day we will work towards improving quality of life and making a positive difference through the delivery of our Care, Culture and Community focussed services.

Hyde Park Source

With a history firmly rooted in LS6, they have branched out and deliver projects across Leeds. They work collaboratively as much as possible, working in partnership with other groups and making decisions together.

Hyde Park Source work with local communities to improve their surroundings, designing and creating attractive, exciting, safe and useful places for people to live, work and play.

Here’s a short video about out Live Well Leeds funded Garden Group.

Health For All

Health for All is a charity created to meet the needs of people in south Leeds and continues to respond to the changing needs of individuals and communities in Leeds and beyond. They provide a wide range of health-related activities for people unable to access mainstream services. Their services improve the quality of life for all generations.


Established in 1996 Oblong is a community resource centre that provides advice, support and facilities for local people who want to make a difference through volunteering and community projects. Their aim is to provide:

Volunteer opportunities – for graphic design, web design and video working with local community projects to meet their needs.

Administration & reception opportunities
Resources – meeting rooms, IT suite, art space and office space for hire.
Healthy living activities – these include mental well-being sessions, yoga and a gardening project.
English lessons for speakers of other languages
Training, advice and support – to individuals and small groups of people who want to establish locally based not-for-profit community activities.
Oblong is user-led and strongly embedded in the local community. They have a flat management structure, which they believe is key in ensuring their organisation does not reflect the inequalities that can exist in wider society.

They believe that if individuals are given the responsibility to make decisions within the safe and dynamic environment of Oblong, then they may feel empowered to do so amongst the wider community.

LS14 Trust

The LS14 Trust was set up in 2009 by a group of local people who wanted to work together to change the communities that they loved across Seacroft, Swarcliffe and Whinmoor.

Their vision is to see LS14 become a welcoming, vibrant, happy place where people feel in control and are proud of their achievements – a place where every resident is safe and respected. They want this to be a well-connected community which recognises its power to bring about and sustain positive social change.

St George’s Crypt

St George’s Crypt are a charity in the City of Leeds, working with the homeless, the vulnerable and those suffering from addiction.

They aim:

  • To meet the basic needs of everyone in a safe, non-judgmental and caring environment.
  • To support people who are living on the stree­ts into finding accommodation.
  • To help people gain skills and confidence so that they can take an active role in their futures.
  • To be good stewards of all that we receive in an open and transparent manner.
  • To enable people to make positive choices in their lifestyle by accessing employment and freedom from addiction.
  • To engage with local communities by identifying opportunities to share the Crypt’s resources.
  • To find the most appropriate solutions by creating effective partnerships across the city.


To inspire and empower BAME women, children, young people and families to be confident, independent and resilient.

To recognise inequalities and discrimination, challenging whenever it occurs.