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A warm, friendly, fun and creative group that welcomes anyone who would like to express themselves through writing .

The group begins with a warm welcome from facilitators Lauren and Ani.

This is followed by 2 or 3 prompts throughout the session to inspire a written response.

The facilitators and group members have an allocated time e.g. 15 minutes to write a response to a prompt such as a photo and then are invited to share their work but there is no obligation to.

There is a break for 15/20 minutes followed by another prompt and finish off with a collective group piece.

People have said its fun, relaxing and confidence building.


A group member said that it helped them to do their English GCSE. It helped them to think creatively and give quick responses for exam questions.

Another said their confidence built each week because everyone was so nice and encouraging and after a few weeks started to share their writing.


For More information contact Heather Young
[email protected]