Get Involved

Si at Touchstone EventLive Well Leeds has a busy and important Service User group. We welcome more people to join in this group.

There are many ways for service users to lead and change things at Live Well Leeds. From being involved in the shaping of your own support to bringing the experiences and ideas for improvement of services to the Live Well Leeds Board. We have already made a number of changes to services following the suggestions of our Service Users who have made suggestions to the Live Well Leeds Board.

Live Well Leeds is committed to the principles of Co-Production; service users have been involved in the design of Live Well Leeds and are a vital part ensuring that our services are shaped by the experiences of people who use them.

The motto is ‘with me not to me’.

The Live Well Leeds Service user group is a diverse group of people helping us improve the services.

We welcome new members. We deliver .It meets regularly at New Worley Community Centre and have been working to use their experiences to help improve serves we offer.

  • Accessibility to sites
  • Getting feedback on the ‘front door’ experience
  • Auditing sites we use
  • Feedback on groups and activities
  • Making our procedures and forms more user friendly
  • Addressing the needs of services users with Visual and Hearing Impairments
  • Working to become more Autism aware

Employment and Opportunities

We encourage people with lived experience to apply for jobs within the services we provide.
Please see our Jobs page.